AH L’AVANTGARDE collection takes its inspiration from music.
Each one of these garments is named after a song; a name that also briefly explain its creation or the idea behind the design. Carefully studied geometrical balances and broken symmetries, optical illusions and glimpses of gold; daring yet sophisticated. Statement garments that are meant to be shown.
Golden Failure

. Golden Failure . waist chincher

A true statement piece with his asymmetric design and captivating golden shine.



. Utopia . underbust corset

Creating the suggestion of a cage corset revealing the skin underneath; the rounded edge of the silk panels emphasize the waist reduction.


Ultimate End

. Ultimate End . high neck corset

The triumph of geometric symmetries. Different levels of transparency create an hypnotic game of spaces.


Beautiful Pain

. Beautiful Pain . cupless corset and choker

A provocative boudoir piece tracing alluring geometries on your body.


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A few months ago I finally managed to get my custom made corset from the outrageously talented Hebi Corsets…I just love it.The manufacture is perfect and oh, THAT SHAPE! It fits so perfectly and it’s so comfortable I could wear it every day. I’ve always had a thing for corsets and underbusts,a drawer in my closet was dedicated only to them. Let me say it…this is the most beautiful piece I’ve ever had.Jaymasee
After a lot of usage the corset is still perfect and it’s doing its job. It fits perfectly and it even helps with my backache when I need support. I absolutely recommend her, she’s got golden hands and she’s really creative!Antonella
I’ve wanted a corset for so long and I’m so glad I finally got one. It’s exquisitely made and, as soon as I got it on, I fell in love with my hourglass shape. I’ve always been self conscious about my size, but Hebi made me love my curves.Chiara
IT’S PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE IT! Everything: leather, silk, colour, style, design and how you made it! YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!Päivi
Omg! I loved it! I feel like a princess. It’s soooo BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you!Elize
Never felt better wearing a corset. Mine was a camouflage underbust, flexible yet tight and firm. Materials, specially fabrics, are all high quality (I do know very well the manufacturer’s love for quality fabrics) If you are here, it may not be your first time buying corsets; so there’s no need to tell you to forget about standard cheap corsets around the web. If you want something that lasts and is a masterpiece inspired only by you, you are in the right place. You will also receive all the assistance you need to place a proper order, to choose the right size and so on.Alexandra

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