Hebi Corsets is a fashion brand specialized in bespoke corsetry.

Corsets are conceptually the most architectural garments; the designer, Cristina, with a background in Architectural studies and a deep love for luxury lingerie, starts experimenting corsetmaking in 2009, absolutely fascinated by the possibility of changing and sculpting volumes of the human body according to her will.
Years of practicing and perfectioning her corsetmaking and general sewing skills, many of which spent in London working on luxury garments, lead her to create her own style as designer, focused on the contraposition between light and shadow, sheer and silk panels alternating in asymmetrical compositions with a distinctive postpunk feeling.

Since every body is different, she creates completely made to measure corsets, using personally sourced quality materials and with extreme attention to the detail. Every garment is a unique piece, crafted by skilled hands to look precious, be long lasting and make the owner feel like a goddess.